Rosie – puppy gotcha day

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We will start posting gotchas for the puppies since they are almost all where they will stay. Since picking the 8 up on January 5, we have been tracking the vetting on each one even though they were spread out from Bay City to Katy to Austin.

One of the puppies, Rosie, has found her forever family! The Jacobs family has fallen hard for her and she for them. She has kiddos to play with as well as her fur brother, Bennett.

Welcome to the best of your life, Rosie and congrats to the Jacobs family on your new addition.

Special thanks to Samantha Hill and family who fostered Rosie from January until she went to her new home.

Bandit (formerly known as Trigger)

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Another of the pups, Trigger, now known as Bandit, has found his forever home with the Hutton family! They had to wait a bit between meeting him and taking him home until his vetting was complete. We also played phone tag with her family vet since she had recently moved to Texas and her vet was in Pennsylvania! Amanda’s family has always had rescue dogs, German Shepherds, but she has fallen for our smaller Boston breed. Welcome to the rest and best of your life, Bandit! Special thanks to Rae and Scotty McGee for fostering this guy for STBTR. Y’all are the best!


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Extremely awesome Happy Tails story for you!

Noah, the adorabe English Bulldog tripod boy from Louisiana has made himself right at home with the Bronicki family.

Dad John, Mom Jackie, skin sis Olivia and fur brother Astro just adore him, and he feels the same. They are a very experienced bulldog family and did their research and due diligence to make sure they could care for Noah exactly the way he should be cared for. Funny thing is, Noah has no idea there is a leg missing. His nickname is “The Worm”.
Congrats to this lovely family and thank you for loving our boy!