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Update on Yoda

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Sweet Yoda met Dr. Volkmer last week and he said, yeah, maybe there’s some Boston there. But Yoda won him over with kisses and Dr. Volkmer won him over with cookies!

Yoda will get his teeth cleaned (and probably several nasty ones extracted) tomorrow. He will be started on Heartworm treatment and then will be ready to start interviewing for his forever family.

Please welcome Webster

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WEBSTER! This very handsome young man came into rescue with a lot of emotional baggage. He very obviously had been abused, and even had a series of little scabs all over the top of his head. Webster is truly a sweet, loving dog, but only once he knows he can trust and there is a human in command (and not him). Otherwise, he uses aggression as his defense mechanism. Webster will require a home with an obedience training background, or someone with dog whisperer qualities. Webster has done very well in his foster home with 5 other Bostons of varying ages. Thanks for sharing to help us find the right home for Webster.