STBTR Volunteer Information Sheet

1. Meet Great People

Volunteering is a great way to surround yourself with people who have the same passions and interests as you do. This not only gives you the chance to make some great lifelong friends, but it also brings compassionate people into your daily life that have the same love for animals that you have. Each and every time you volunteer, you get to meet people from all different backgrounds and learn things that you may have never known before about the people in your community.

2. Develop A New Skill

For someone who is always looking to try out new interests and develop new skills, volunteering is the perfect vehicle to do so. There are many different jobs available to volunteers that fit in with your different interests and passions, whether that be a job working directly with animals or something behind the scenes.

3. Improve Your Health And Mood Sometimes it just feels good to help others. The feeling of satisfaction that comes with helping a Boston in need not only brings warm, fuzzy feelings, but it also can lower stress and increase your overall feelings of happiness. In fact, a study in Natural Health Magazine showed that 95% of volunteers surveyed said that they gained a “helper’s high”―a feeling of pure euphoria and energy―after volunteering.

4. Become A Part Of Your Community If you are looking to get more involved in your town or get a better sense of community, there is no better way than through volunteering. Not only do you get to meet and interact with the people in your area, but you get a real sense of community when you are connecting with other volunteers over one important cause that bonds you.

5. Be A Shining Light For Bostons Who Need Us

Each and every day, thousands of animals are at risk across the country. Many of them are picked up from the streets or are abandoned by families who simply don’t care anymore. These animals are looking for any beam of hope that will help them find a better life. By taking the time to volunteer, you can be that shining light for a Boston who needs help.This is an incredible feeling that will leave you inspired, motivated and longing to volunteer again in any way that you can.

6.  Don’t have time to volunteer, but want to help?  We can always use donations.