Adopted! Cooper: **Only qualified applicants will be considered**

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Meet Cooper. Yes, he has been with us for some time now. He was handed over to us from another rescue earlier this year. After evaluating and having him in 2 different foster homes, the decision was made to put him with a trainer. The awesome trainer was able to breakthrough to Cooper and understand his behavior. He is a large dog in a small dog’s body. He has to work, he has to have a job and he has to know that he is NOT the boss. He has outbursts which can seem like he is attacking but what is happening is he thinks he has to protect himself and his territory. He is very territorial.

His ideal home would consist of a strong disciplined person to be consistent and continue Cooper’s training. An active lifestyle that will include him in outdoor activities. A fenced yard is a necessity for him. No children. He is ok with other dogs but a no go with cats. He gets along with other dogs and that is a plus while trying to expend his energy. HE LOVES THE WATER! Did I mention he loves the water? If you feel like your home is a fit and that you can dedicate your time and energy to Cooper, we encourage you to apply. ONLY QUALIFIED APPLICANTS WILL BE CONSIDERED.

We will do an extensive veterinarian background check, reference check and home visit. We have worked hard to get Cooper where he is now and to understand him, so these qualifications will have to be met to even consider a home for him.

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  1. Suzette (Arlene) Sykes

    This is Suzette and I paid the $20 fee and filled out the application on Saturday 3-6-2021 and I haven’t heard anything regarding my application for Cooper. Please respond to me as we have a loving home for him.

  2. A. Suzette Sykes

    We are very much interested in Cooper. We recently lost our BT. My husband rescued him. The owners had kicked him out at 2 years of age and left him to fend for himself for 8 years in the yard with 2 other dogs. We only had him a short time bc he was sick with tumors but we made sure that he knew he had a family and he was loved. He stuck to me like chewing gum. my husband says its was bc i was a good mama to him. We currently have a 3 year Bull Terrier and she is very loving and caring. She took care of Frankie like she was his mama. They played, hunted, sunbathed and napped together every day. I am 52 years old and retired so I am home most of the time. We have an acre of property that is fenced in. We are hoping you consider us for Cooper.

  3. Shelby Lewis

    Hi, I’m wondering if Cooper is still available. He is so cute and I would love to share this dog with my family. Thank you.

  4. Callie Haynes

    Hi. My friend is a dog trainer and would love to meet cooper. Hes looking for a rescue boston to take in and train and spoil.

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